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Four Questions to identify whether any type of work or use of resources is waste

13 Apr

We try to use less of any resource, but Value-Added, Value-Enabling and Wasted resources are treated differently.

1) Wasted resources and steps should be eliminated from the process

  • Few major steps will be entirely wasted
  • Most process steps can be broken down into smaller steps

2) Value-Added work should be minimized

3) Value-Enabling work should be minimized, and should not add to turn-around time

To identify whether any type of work or use of resources is waste:

First, ask three questions:

  • Does it change the state or form of the product?
  • Does it provide value to the customer?
  • Is this the first time it’s been done?

If the answer to each question is “YES” it is Value Added. If the answer to any of the three is “NO” it is Non-Value Added, and waste.

If it is waste, then ask a fourth question:

  • Can we remove it immediately?

If not, it is Value Enabling. Value enabling work cannot be removed immediately due to limitations of technology, business practices, legal requirements, etc.

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