Go on! Call me an Idiot….

09 Jan

Oh No! The Aliens have arrived”, “What a big show-off!”How can you wear that stuff in the Indian summer?” Oh, look. We have a new Super-hero!”None of this can prevent you from dying in a crash”  “Bloody Biker brat”

Above are just some of the statements and expressions I am used to hearing as I don my Biking gear each time I take the Ceeber (read CBR) out for a spin and for commute.

I have an elaborate set of Biking gear that I am proud of. When fully geared up, I resemble a special-forces operative ready to take on the bad guys. Since I prefer to use my Bike most of the time instead of the Cars, I tend to be geared up almost every time. The duration of the ride doesn’t matter to me. I could be going for short ride but the risk of crashing isn’t necessarily minimized.

A couple of weeks earlier I had been to a fast food joint on one of my binge days after a solo ride. The gang hadn’t planned anything and it was a lazy Saturday. No sooner had I walked in that a bunch of guys, already seated there noticed me geared up from neck to toe. One of them muttered something in which the words ‘show off’ were obvious. I was sure that they were ranting about my gear and at me for wearing it. At first I had the urge to walk up to them and exchange a few words but I restrained myself, clenched my fist and decided to mind my own business.

Having placed the order, I took the corner seat and waited there.  Minutes later, a bunch of American tourists arrived. Staring a bit hard at first, a couple of them murmured a few words amongst themselves. I just smiled and shook my head assuming it was another negative jab at my gear. Minutes ticked by and dinner had been packed. While I was paying the Bill, one of the tourists walked up to me and asked with a smile, “Oye, you riding Motorcycles?” “Yes!” I answered resoundingly. He gave me a High 5 and asked me to join them. Apparently, this dude worked at Alpinestars, USA (a company which makes Biking gear and sports goods) and was a Biker himself. He was on vacation in India. Most of the folks from the group were in fact Bikers. We got involved in an engaging discussion about biking in general and the use of gear. These people were loud.

Before I knew, it was half an hour since I started talking to this bunch of crazy Bikers but it was so much fun that I had no plans of leaving in a hurry.  A little while later, I was invited to join them for a couple of Beers. I didn’t say no.

– Tarun Nair

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  1. Tarun Nair says:

    All you Bikers out there. Don’t get perturbed by people advising you against wearing gear or making fun of you. Gear is for your own safety.

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