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The GoPro conundrum

07 Nov

Sunday morning is one of the best times of the week for me. I usually set out on a Bike ride every week. The traffic is low and the weather in Bangalore adds to the experience. The peace and tranquility this brings is indescribable. I also get to see and meet fellow Bikers which makes it all the more purposeful.

Last Sunday I set out to ride towards Nandi Hills, near Bangalore. Over the past few weeks I had been experimenting with my GoPro Hero3 Black Edition camera which I mount on the Bike to take video and click photos during the rides. That day, I mounted the camera on the right side of my Helmet. It gave a brilliant perspective while capturing video and taking photos. Excited at the prospect of how this would turn out, I headed out that morning.

The onward journey to Nandi Hills was largely run-of-the-mill. The Bike ride in itself was exhilarating. Of course, I managed to attract a lot of attention, much to my discomfiture, but I had called for it, hadn’t I?

On my way back to the city, I had just crossed the Airport flyover and was coasting to the finish line, so to speak. To my left, I noticed a parked Police Hoysala vehicle. “Hoysala” is the name given to Police vehicles in Bangalore. A cop was standing beside it and had his eyes glued to me from the moment he saw the weird object protruding from my Helmet. As I came closer, he signaled at me to stop. I dutifully complied and moved to the left of the road. I surmised this would be a routine traffic stop. This was the first time I had been pulled over on my morning rides and my rhythm was somewhat broken. Amidst the confusion I completely forgot that I had the Camera attached to my Helmet. I wasn’t capturing any Video at that point.

The Cop came over and asked me to show my license, emission test certificate and insurance papers. I wasted no time in presenting him with all the paperwork. He did ask me how quick I was going, to which I shrugged and replied, “Around 60”. He smirked as if to say “yeah right!” Everything was in order and he gestured at me to move ahead. I put my Helmet back on and rode away.

A couple of kilometers ahead, I looked over at my RVM and noticed someone flashing their headlights. Rather annoyed, I scanned the RVM for who it was and noticed the same Hoysala vehicle. I wasn’t sure it was following me at that point. However, I backed off the pace and kept glancing at the RVM. The vehicle kept getting larger in it and now I could see the same Cop waving at me to stop. I moved to the left again and screeched to a halt. The Hoysala Van stopped a few meters ahead of me. I had a puzzled look on my face. Our Cop hurriedly walked over to me and asked me sternly what I had mounted on my Helmet. I removed the Helmet and showed him the gizmo. I said it was a ‘Sports & Action Camera’. He took the Helmet and walked up towards the parked Hoysala. While he was showing it to the other cops, seated inside, I waited nervously, wondering what on earth was wrong. Minutes ticked by and I was getting anxious. He walked back towards me and asked if the Camera was recording any video. I nodded my head. What ensued was a barrage of questions about why was I recording and what the Camera was used for. The discussion happened in Kannada, of course.

Now just envisage trying to explain to a Cop what a GoPro Camera is. Not easy. That was my predicament. Despite my irritation, I had a grin plastered all over my face. The bewildered look of the Cop was priceless. After, what only can be described as a tutorial on the use of action Cameras, I was on my way home. The only difference was that the Camera was no longer mounted on my Helmet; it was in my backpack 🙂


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