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The Kapil Dev Phone

16 Feb

I remember the days when I bought my first cell phone. It was a Nokia 3310 (it just had to be a Nokia in those days, eh!).  Black & White screen, pretty bulky (as compared to all modern cell phones) but very popular in those days (not a million years ago, mind it!).  The whole gamut of mobile phones had barely gained momentum in India and using a mobile phone was a real fad.  I very vividly recall this incident before I got myself a cell phone. It was a Sunday evening and I was hanging out with a bunch of buddies when this dude was speaking to someone on his mobile phone. Or so I thought.  He was attracting a lot of unnecessary attention not just because of his mobile phone but because he was so darn loud.  I couldn’t help but notice the phone he was holding & could visualize myself owning a mobile phone someday. At that point this was nothing less than a dream as mobile phones back then cost slightly more than an iPhone in India these days. Notice how I have specifically mentioned ‘iPhone in India’ because they are so darn expensive in this third world country.

Suddenly, as he was talking, his gizmo started ringing loudly with some Euro-thrash ringing tone and everybody heard the voice of Kapil Dev (yes, I didn’t type that wrong) saying, “Did you clean bowl anyone today? Be Strong! Be Brave! One day you will be Kapil Dev”.

Initially there was some silence as the exasperated folks around this chap tried to understand what’s going on. I bet there were a couple of people who thought he was really talking to Kapil Dev on the phone. WHAT THE HECK? It was a fake! This dude tried to pull a fast one on us just so that he could look cool. As realization set in, we all knew that this was one of those cheap, ‘made-in-China’ toy phones.

Realizing that his game was up, he disappeared from the place like a Bullet out of a Gun.

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